What to Expect

Kenny Dennis MA, LPC

Over the years, I have discovered that clients do best when they have an understanding of what to expect in therapy.  With that in mind, our therapy sessions will take place primarily online via Zoom technology. Since the COVID pandemic, I have been invested in both in-person and online therapy with clients. While i continue to understand the reservations in working exclusively online, I am persuaded that trauma therapy is most effective through an online experience.  

Health is always holistic. I have a systematic approach to therapy that draws from leading therapeutic approaches to trauma. Together, we work on all aspects of healthy outcomes to move towards healing. This includes, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. While I believe that a clinical approach is a critical aspect of trauma healing, my clinical approach is firmly embedded in my belief that Jesus is always the source of healing.


Integrated Approach to Trauma Therapy

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

IFS has become the "go to" therapy for trauma. Effective trauma-informed therapy always asks the question, "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?". IFS honors this idea through recognizing that trauma creates parts of us that are still trying to cope with and avoid our traumatic experiences. 

Healing in IFS comes when we recognize how these parts have functioned to protect us and then working with these parts to begin healing our trauma experiences. Once these experiences can be accessed in a safe environment, we work together to rescue the parts of us that are still stuck in trauma. 

When I began relying more on IFS as an approach to trauma healing, I created a short animated video that helps to explain this idea more fully. I encourage you to watch this video to better understand this approach.


EMDR and Brainspotting 

Once we understand our internal system, we can begin working with our past trauma experiences (exiles in IFS) EMDR is a well-researched approach that naturally works hand-in-hand with IFS. Please look over the Self-Care with EMDR page for tons of information on this approach to trauma. In some cases, Brainspotting is also a great approach that opens the door for EMDR. Please be sure to read thru the EMDR self-care page and watch the videos. You can also check out my VIDEO ON THE BASICS OF BRAINSPOTTING for more information.