Resources for Self-Care

Kenny Dennis MA, LPC

Self-Care Videos

There are three brief videos to help you with your own self-care or to prepare you for working with a therapist using EMDR. They are listed below. You can view them as a playlist on YouTube.

  • Self-Care Introduction
  • Tools for EMDR Processing
  • Step-By-Step EMDR Active Processing

30-Second Bilateral Stimulation Video -This will open in a new window. Click on the three vertical dots in the bottom right corner  and you will have the option to download.


Self-Care with EMDR Target Worksheet 
This is in Word in case you want to complete on your computer...this will be helpful if you want to share with a therapist

​Self-Care with EMDR Target Worksheet
This is the PDF version for printing and completing by hand.

Steps for EMDR Active Processing
This is the step-by-step script for self-care and will likely be very closely followed if you choose to find a therapist to assist you.